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NBS Consultants, Inc. has been providing the food service industry with a reliable, extendible ERP system for over fifteen years. Our Purveyors Information Control System, PICS®, is a feature rich ERP/CRM system that provides our clients with the ability to process customer orders, control inventory and purchasing, perform sales analysis and financial accounting, and schedule and record production from any web browser. PICS® is designed to provide fast and accurate support in all aspects of your business. Its user friendly interface features fast response times and intuitive "work with" screens which makes the powerful resources of PICS software readily available to new users. NBS also provides you with 24 X 7 reliable uptime, so your software is always there for you and your customers.

With NBS and PICS®, you get everything you need to run your business without having to use multiple technology vendors. We know which technologies will work best for you, so you don’t spend time worrying about getting burned by the latest ‘techno-trend’. We also know that maintaining a reliable, modern data-processing environment can be prohibitively expensive. With PICS® and NBS, you can savor the benefits of a comprehensive, powerful solution that integrates your core business with your LAN, WAN, Email, Internet web site, and more – for a fraction of the cost of designing, implementing, and maintaining it yourself.

We know that running a profitable business is complex enough - running your computer system shouldn’t have to be!

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